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Services Assessment and Mystery Shopper Comprehensive Program (MSCP)

Philadelphia Consulting has adopted a comprehensive approach in designing, evaluating and implementing Services Assessment and MSCP.  An objective monitoring tool towards achieving customer service excellence through service evaluation and assessment programs geared to identify practices and recommendations through periodic reporting to management.
Benefits and Advantages:

• Monitor and reward excellent performance
• Preventive  measure  for potential  obstacles/issues  prior   to  further 
• Motivate employees to  provide excellent  service  at  all times with all 
• Increase the effectiveness of the sales functions
• Motivating sales and service forces
• Employees’ awareness of crucial & important factors when dealing with 
• Provide evaluation criteria to score individual performance
• Customer satisfaction feedback

Philadelphia Consulting has successfully implemented the program in the Government, Banking, Insurance and the service sector. Moreover, Special customized tools have been developed for specific industries such as Telco’s, Retail and Utilities.