"Leading and motivating people towards achieving common goals and desired objectives." "Sailing towards new Business endeavours in sustainability and growth." "Understanding and Balancing organizations Human Resources needs and requirements." "Capacity Building allied with the development of human resources is acknowledged to be one of the most important aspects
in improving the capabilities, qualifications, knowledge and behavior of managers and employees."


Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting

Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting to conduct...


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On August 10th 2010, the CEO of Philadelphia Consulting Mr. Samer...

Our Approach In Serving Clients

Organizations world-wide are entering a highly competitive era of global marketing and internationalism whereby without prudent managerial decisions, organizations and firms are bound to face obstacles that decrease their market share and competitive edge on all levels - a fact that ultimately impedes their growth. With its specialized management advisory services to facilitate business sustainability, expansion and growth, Philadelphia Consulting brings diversified expertise that satisfy organizations needs through result-based solutions. The approach Philadelphia Consulting adopts in providing its services relies on establishing long term partnerships with clients, in-depth assessment of needs

and thorough analysis and design for effective implementation of solutions.


In Brief

Philadelphia Consulting, an international consulting firm founded with the vision to provide professional and innovative consulting services based on international best practices and standards to suit the global business climate. Philadelphia Consulting focuses on developing and implementing Glocalized solutions to business leaders and organizations through its offices and operations in Europe and the MENA regions with offices and branches in the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Libya.

Philadelphia Consulting Services

• HR Planning
• Business Process Modeling
• HR Utilization study
• Feasibility Studies

More Services


In order to broaden our platform and attain the extensive goals of our clients, Philadelphia Consulting has been operating in alliances and partnerships with an international consulting and global network of specialized firms to realize our clients’ requirements...(more)