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Valuation and Due - Diligence

• IPO’s
• M&A’s
• Privatization
• Private placement

Changing through the different sectors of a corporate world, business owners might change the track they are investing in, investors might tend to re-invest in other sectors of business initiatives, taking such decisions is influenced by many factors. Philadelphia Consulting and through its qualified and experienced consultants helps investors to take decisions through downsizing the volatility and risk of uncertainty associated with such crucial decisions. Philadelphia Consulting has a leading position with the capacity of implementing privatization transactions as well as public-private partnership in various sectors. Philadelphia’s consultants enjoyed working on privatization related projects by selling parts of Government’s shares by local/foreign partnership through direct sale, IPOs and secondary offering. Our privatization team also worked on Privatization transactions that took the form of management contracts, the privatization process include re-structuring of companies, identify solutions to labor issues, preparation of private placement memorandums, valuations, preparation of expression of interest and RFPs, assisting of evaluation of bids, negotiate with bidders and award tenders. Our process includes also financial, legal and human resources due diligence, In this regard Philadelphia Consulting is specialized in program management, following-up and coordinating transactions carried out by investment banks and financial firms.