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Strategic Planning

Philadelphia Consulting provides the tools for determining organization strategic direction and path. With the Strategic Planning, management can set a framework for managerial decisions. They can be aware of how, when and where they should compete; and against whom; and for what purpose. 
Through strategic planning, Philadelphia Consulting facilitates the achievement of the following objectives:

• Formulate the company’s mission, vision, and values.
• Conduct  an  analysis   that reflects  the  company’s   internal  conditions  and 
• Assess  the  company’s   external   environment,  including  the  remote,  the
   industry and the operating environments.
• Analyze the  company’s options by  matching  its resources with  the external
• Identify the  most  desirable  options by  evaluating  each option in light of the
   company’s mission.
• Select a set of long-term  objectives  and  grand strategy that will achieve the
   most desirable result.
Develop annual objectives  and short-term strategies that are compatible with 
the selected set of long-term objectives and grand strategy.
• Implement the strategic choices by  means  of budgeted  resources where the 
matching of tasks, people, structures, technologies,  and  reward systems are 
• Evaluate the success of the strategic process  as  an  input for  future decision 

Components of strategic Planning
Corporate Level Strategies
Philadelphia Consulting sets a guide to its corporate clients for their future. Should we grow, stabilize, or retract, markets to invest in, where to allocate investments and how to collaborate in new markets. 
Business Level strategies
Philadelphia Consulting sets strategies that define how to compete in markets. Whether differentiate, lead by cost, or focus on a niche and accordingly build a comprehensive outlook of the business.

Function Level Strategies

Philadelphia Consulting can help corporations by providing an overall direction and in specific areas such as:

• Human resources / organizational development
• Information Technology
• Financial
• Marketing