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Program Management and Modernization

Many organizations are facing increasing challenges each day and need to deal with several developmental initiatives and projects at the same time in order to survive and grow. Accordingly, complex requirements arise and may exceed the capabilities of the organizations’ existing resources. Therefore, Philadelphia Consulting designs and implements program management methodologies to enable organizations to share resources across projects and reduce issues faced by individual tasks, projects and multiple teams to achieve the set objectives. Benefits of the program include:

• The elimination of risk arising from interfaces between the various
• The coherent prioritization of resources.
• Reduction in management effort and costs

Philadelphia Consulting serves as the clients’ partner and as a catalyst, tapping the knowledge and understanding of clients’ management and staff, and focusing resources on long-term planning and problem solving. Philadelphia Consulting has a long history of keeping client’s programs and projects on schedule and on budget with meticulous planning and hands on Program Management Office (PMO) implementation. Philadelphia Consulting expertise includes program development and planning, tracking program milestones, program integration, budgeting and scheduling. Philadelphia Consulting Program Management services include:

• Program Management Office (PMO) establishment and management
• Budget formulation
• Life cycle sustainment
• Vendor negotiation support
• Program control including technical review and audit
• Cost and schedule control


Philadelphia Consulting implements a comprehensive and integrated methodology and approach for organizations’ modernization and development in line with international best practices, solutions and systems as illustrated in the above figure.