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Our Affiliates

In order to broaden our platform and attain the extensive goals of our clients, Philadelphia Consulting has been operating in alliances and partnerships with an international consulting and global network of specialized firms to realize our clients’ requirements, with an innovative, pro-active and pragmatic approach to strategies, policies, reform and systems’ development and implementation.


HTSPE International Programme Management
What HTSPE does:
Proven specialists in programme and project management,
working in developing countries, transition economies and the UK
public sector.

HTSPE provides:
  • tailored systems for programme management and project
  • expertise for development, economic reform and change 
  • access to best practice and up-to-date knowledge
  • training and capacity building
  • technical and economic analysis, studies and reviews

HTSPE  established an international reputation for exceptional work at all stages of the project cycle, delivering real results to address crucial challenges, including:
  • safeguarding the environment
  • global security issues
  • durable economic growth
  • good governance
  • sustainable livelihoods
  • poverty reduction

WDI has focused on reform and development of the private sector in transitional economies, including banking, capital markets and carrying out emerging market research and assessments. As part of this effort, WDI advises policy makers on improving the enabling environment for private sector development, in the areas of trade, taxation and financial sector reform

Core Competencies

    • Higher Education Development
    • Private Sector Development
    • Policy Reform
    • Actionable Research
    • Monitoring and Evaluation

Executive Education(Programs Overview): 
    • Open Programs
    • Custom Programs
    • Government Funded & Grant Programs
    • Strategic Human Resource Network Europe

Consulting and engineering partner for driving sustainable metropolitan and mobility solutions.
Covering  telematics, systems integration, infrastructure, energy and water supply as well as traffic management.

  • Telematics Business Solutions / Traffi &Transport 
  • Telematics for Automotive 
System Integration
  • System Integration & Testing Solutions 
  • Project Management / Electronics  & Telematics 

Mobility / Traffic & Transport
  • Mobility Consulting 
  • Integrated Public Transport 
  • Traffic Management/ Transport Networks 
  • Airport Consulting 
  • Logistics/ Railway Master-Planning

Water & Environment
  • Water Resources
  • Management / Supply/ Sanitation  / Water Security 
  • Groundwater Remediation (Oil Fields)
E-Mobility / Energy Infrastructure
  • E-Mobility/ Smart Energy/ Smart Grids 
  • Management of Renewables 
  • Solutions for Cities

Infrastructure & Buildings 
  • Project Management for Civil Works & Buildings / Green
    Buildings / 
  • Real Estate Consulting

A Dynamic Partnership can take the form of a company or project model and be implemented together with municipal or industrial companies as well as cities, towns or administrative unions.
Core Competencies:

  • Measures to support growth and enlarge the scope of services  
    (e.g. through new service offerings)
  • Development of an environmentally-sustainable heating supply 
    (economic and ecological optimization)
  • Creation of new public utilities
  • The optimization of existing structures
  • Making a region energy self-reliant on a step-by-step basis
  • A joint analysis of the organization's current operations
  • The identification of an organization's present goals and the
    general conditions for their realization
  • The setting of the direction of future efforts and shared goals.