Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting

Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting to conduct...


Philadelphia Consulting sponsored the International Council of...


On August 10th 2010, the CEO of Philadelphia Consulting Mr. Samer...


When organizations lead people, motivate them and constantly communicate with them, their interest will increase in carrying out what had been stipulated. People need to be constantly motivated and directed to perform the intended tasks we expect out of them for the achievement of the set objectives.

Management needs systems and tools that help organize, motivate, and manage organizations’ human resources. Philadelphia Consulting extensive expertise in human capital management and development in various sectors and industries is tailored to individual organizations climate and environment through the development and implementation of systems and tools in the areas of planning, attracting, managing, evaluating, rewarding and development of human capital.



Job Analysis & Job Description
Competency Framework Development
Human Resources Planning
Compensation & Benefits System
Motivation & Incentives System
• Policies & Procedures Manual
Human Resources Utilization Study
Performance Appraisal & Management
Career Path Planning
Capacity Building Program