Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting

Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting to conduct...


Philadelphia Consulting sponsored the International Council of...


On August 10th 2010, the CEO of Philadelphia Consulting Mr. Samer...

Latest Projects


Land Registry Authority-Libya

Philadelphia Consulting has successfully completed an eighteen month modernization program initiative in partnership with KPMG-U.K to the Land Registry Authority in Libya. The initiative involved assessment of around 3000 employees as well as recruitment, capacity building and training.

Al Wahda Bank - Libya

Philadelphia Consulting is currently working  on an Organizational Development Initiative Project For Al Wahda Bank in Libya. The initiative involves Organizational Structure & Branches Development, Capacity Building, as well as Human Resources management systems.

Saudi Council For Engineers - KSA

Philadelphia Consulting is in the final stages of a restructuring initiative with Saudi Council for Engineering in Saudi Arabia

CaC Bank -Yemen

Philadelphia Consulting is finalizing an Organizational Development Initiatives Project for CAC Bank in Yemen. The initiative involved Organizational Restructuring, Authorities and Responsibilities Matrices, Job Description Cards Design and Development , Human Resources Evaluation, Workload Assessment, Recruitment Planning, Performance Management System, Compensation and Benefits System, Incentives and Motivation plan, Manpower Planning and Change Management.