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Institutional Reform For Development & Growth

The importance of institutions to any country’s growth and development has become fundamental through their influence on the incentives for saving, investment, production and trade. Institutions require an enabling infrastructure to operate. This involves institutional issues in the provision of power, communications technology, transport …etc. in addition to legislative or administrative actions by policy makers and organizational executives. Part of any institutional reform and organizational development is to include macroeconomic, trade, competition and financial sector reform . Key points Philadelphia Consulting focus on in institutional reform process are the following :

• Establishing if there is a case for reform

• Having well-defined long-term economic, social and environmental

• Ensuring political commitment for reform

• Establishing an institutional framework for reform and the project team
within the targeted organization

• Developing capacity building program to educate and train the staff to
reduce resistance to change and to implement innovative solutions

• Developing an effective evaluation program that tracks progress towards
goals and objectives

The above mentioned methodology is being implemented for the following scope of work, offered by Philadelphia consulting :

• Policy and legislative review

• Organizational restructuring and change

• Capacity building and learning plan development

• Macro/ Micro economic reform

• Privatization

• Human resources management

• Corporate governance