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Group Standards Manual (GSM)

Devised by Philadelphia Consulting for groups and conglomerates with a diverse group of companies of wide geographical coverage and scope of products and services. GSMs provides a unified standard mode of operation to all member companies and is a set of corporate systems that are incorporated in multifaceted Standards Manuals (GSMs) which ensure that every organizational function will be effectively and smoothly operating in a homogeneous mode.

A key feature of the GSMs is its appeal in crossing boundaries where it is regarded as a franchising and Service Level Agreement (SLA) that identifies the relationship between the Corporate and its subsidiaries and a unifying protocol, regardless of culture or workforce diversity hence creating corporate compliance practice and extending corporate vision and values.

GSMs are an effective communication tool and control structure between a corporate and its subsidiaries, as well among subsidiaries themselves to establish synergetic utilization and link between overall strategy and its operational functions.

The provision of such GSMs at corporations will be structured in a way that caters for subsidiaries’ independence and flexibility in building their own compatible and tailored systems, while maintaining the optimal corporate control, communication and synergy.