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Change Management

In today’s paced business environment change is a constant force. The pressure of change comes from all sides and directions; globalization, government initiatives, competition, improving the quality of work, creating learning organizations, and the pace is ever increasing. Thus, organizations have to reshape to remain competitive in an-ever changing business environment. Managing change in any organization is not an easy task, and with change comes organizational resistance and conflict. Philadelphia Consulting has identified and designed organizational change management methodology that improves and facilitates the implementation of change within organizations.

Philadelphia Consulting change management model includes: 

Phase I : Analysis, involving the analysis of changes to be implemented, the expected impact of change, and the requirements for change.

Phase II : Planning, addressing the vision for change, the target goals and objectives, the different change methods, the techniques used to promote change and the detailed plan including the communication plan.

Phase III : Implementation, including running a pilot change management initiative for an identified period of time and creating an environment of shared vision and common direction implementing planned change methods and strategies.

Phase IV : Evaluation and maintenance, entailing evaluating what has been implemented against set goals and plans as well as actions taken to reduce change resistance and establishing future plans for improvement of change methods when needed.