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Capacity Building Program

Capacity Building allied with the development of human resources is acknowledged to be one of the most important aspects in improving the capabilities, qualifications, knowledge and behavior of managers and employees. Philadelphia Consulting, and in the pursuit of its vision to develop organizations has developed comprehensive capacity building initiatives that aim at:

Developing recognized training courses for supervisors and managers designed to equip them with appropriate skills and competencies.
Increasing productivity, performance and building organizational loyalty and commitment.

Developing a continuous process of learning and development, raising-up the learning curve of the available Human Resources Capital, by applying multiple tutoring, training and coaching techniques.
Applying the strategy of follow up and monitoring, leading to continuous review and adjustment throughout the capacity building process and after its completion.
Applying innovative tactics; Training – by guiding, Guiding – by coaching, Coaching – by escorting, adjustment / correcting – by reviewing.
In order to achieve the above objectives, Philadelphia Consulting implements the following modules:

• Assessment; through utilizing a  variety  of methods  and tools including
   group sessions, One-to-One Interviews and Psychometric Tests
• Training; development programs (at executive,  middle and supervisory
   levels), specialized tailored training programs  to suit the  requirement at
   different levels and functions across the organization to reach the needed
• Executive Coaching;  carried   out  through  several  phases  including;
   establishing   rapport,  assessment phase, feedback and  action planning 
   and evaluating and follow-up.