Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting

Libyan Foreign Bank signs with Philadelphia Consulting to conduct...


Philadelphia Consulting sponsored the International Council of...


On August 10th 2010, the CEO of Philadelphia Consulting Mr. Samer...

Business Process Modeling & Optimization

Business Process Modeling and Optimization (BPMO) is the systematic analysis and redesign of core business processes to be in line with the set functional strategies, with the objective of process simplification and enhancing the overall performance.

Our approach in BPMO focuses on redesigning processes for optimum use of resources to achieve objectives of the process,  and to direct the entire system and its processes on meeting customer needs and expectations. Thus, eliminate the duplication of work and bottlenecks, process simplification, reducing costs, increasing resources utilization. Recognizing the aforementioned and to realize sought objectives, BPMO encompasses three main integrated components, namely: Process Mapping, Process Value Analysis and Process Optimization.